Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Wife's Plea

So close, yet worlds apart,
Nothing so hurts my heart.
Different goals, different priorities
Is all I can’t help but see.

A love that started out so grand
Is now slipping through my fingers like sand.
Quality time is what I need,
But it can’t be your only deed.
Your daughter wants your attention, too;
It’s important that she knows you.

We are proud of you & your musical skill,
But I want my husband to do God’s will.
When we get your time, it’s only for a bit.
At the end of your life, I hope it was worth it.
Pursuing your dreams is my desire,
But please don’t leave your family in the fire.

We’re both tired working full time jobs
And I can’t help but sob.
For if I lose you now,
I don’t know how
I could go on, remembering the chances
We had to continue our romances.

I miss your hugs and kisses, too,
And all of the memories I have of you.
I miss the fun we used to share;
I miss you playing in my hair.
The times we talked and joked,
The times you made me laugh until I choked.

I know you care,
But would you dare
Ever surrender your dreams for the sake of your family?
I do not desire that in any way,
But be careful what you say.
This love is delicate, like a rose
For God only knows

How special you are to me,
My wonderful hubby.
Please don’t think it’s the music I resent;
It’s just that I feel spent.
With so much to do,
I really need you.

You calm my fears and help me stand
When you’re by my side to hold my hand.
I miss our dates and time for us;
Every second is a plus.
I treasure moments with my man;
I pray for God to reveal His plan.

Can this be what He wants from us?
Or are all these things on our plates a must?

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