Saturday, April 30, 2011

Childhood Traditions & Memories

I was thinking about childhood memories the other day on my run and since I have a young daughter, I reminisced specifically about memories with my mom.  Two stand out to me, both of which involve traditions. My parents used to take me to the fair every year.  One year in particular, while I was still pretty young, I must have either been feeling brave or got a wild streak, but I saw a ride that looked like a kid's ride.  It was higher and bigger than the other kids' rides, but it was colored in primary colors.  It looked like fun, although I didn't take the time or exhibit enough patience to see it run through one time before I got on. Like most children, I made an impulsive decision to ride it.  I am over five feet tall as an adult, so it makes sense that I met the height requirements on a lot of rides that I probably wasn't old enough to handle.  My mom, though, was a trooper, and, after asking me several times if I was sure I wanted to ride the 'roller coaster,' that she would ride with me just in case.  I had no idea what a roller coaster was, so I was excited to go on a new adventure. My mom had anticipated that I would not enjoy the ride because she knew I was a very timid child. As the coaster car climbed up the hill, I got scared; I probably even started to cry a little. In an effort to make me feel better, Mom threw her arms up in the air as we flew down the first hill and shouted, "whee!" and "Isn't this fun?!" Of course, I did not think it was fun at all, but I still keep that memory of my mother because it was a sacrifice she made for me just so I would feel better.

Similarly, my mom and I had a summer tradition of visiting the public library on a regular basis.  She taught me to love reading and to make it a part of my daily routine.  Consequently, I always looked forward to our trips to check out books.  I learned to get lost in the make believe of fictional works.

What kind of traditions did you share with your parents growing up, and which ones would you want to pass on or begin with your children?  Please leave comments about your favorite childhood traditions and/or memories.  I'm excited about what I can learn from your favorites!


  1. I love the "library tradition", and can't wait to start that this summer with Hudson. We will be going to story time and checking out books weekly.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! I love being able to hang out with our kids during the summer!