Friday, March 25, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

Something that I want to teach my daughter is how to wait on making big decisions in life.  That is not something I learned at an early age, but in adulthood and only after multiple experiences in making the wrong decisions or acting too quickly.  While I was running last weekend, my decision making skills, or lack thereof, was weighing on my heart, so I prayed about it.  I told God that I didn't want Nora-Kate to make her decisions the way I did, but I didn't know how to model the behavior I wanted to see in her.  I have always been told to "pray about it" before making any decision, especially the big ones, but I have never seen anyone actually do that.  Based on my experiences, praying about a decision before actually making one is good in theory and a noble thing to say, but I have never seen it modeled the way it's preached.  After pouring out my heart to God, He gently reminded me of a Rachael Ray episode I saw last summer.  A mother who was on the show had a teen daughter who wanted to change her hairstyle.  The mother told her that was fine, but that she had to wait a week before committing to it.  If the daughter still wanted to change her hair after a week, the mother would take her to the hair salon.  I thought, "That's brilliant!  That's what I'll do..." Then, I realized that I could tell Nora-Kate to wait a week before committing to a decision, but I want her to see it modeled in her parents.  So, I promised God that I would talk to my husband and we would agree on an allotted time to pray about major decisions before we actually make any.  I talk to God about as many decisions as I can during the day, anything from what I should eat for breakfast, to which route I should take when I run, but actually waiting for an answer is something that was foreign to me, hence the reason it was my epiphany for the weekend.  

In short, the revelation of my weekend run was that my husband and I should sit down, decide on a time period in which we're actually going to seek God when we have a major decision to make, then come together and make it as a family.  It's revolutionary for me because I know it will change our family.  We will make better decisions in the long run to, hopefully, accomplish God's will in our lives and be used for His kingdom!

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