Friday, October 28, 2011

God's Adventure

     God has put a desire in mine and my husband's heart for a while now, about 4 years (Psalm 37:4). During that time, we have prayed for it to come to pass, we have worked as hard as we can toward the goal that we feel God has called us to, and we have waited for God to “show up.” We still have no clear answer as to how God will accomplish His plan through us because the calling we feel looks impossible to fulfill in our lives at the moment. There is absolutely no humanly way possible for us to do what we feel like we're supposed to do. So, we're deciding to step out on faith.
     My husband and I proclaim to live a life of faith. It is our desire to follow God's lead and let Him do whatever He pleases with our lives. We want to live for His glory and His fame alone. We are nothing without Him and we have nothing without Him. He has brought us where we are; He is teaching us how to walk in faith; and, He has blessed us beyond measure. We are so undeserving of His love, faithfulness, and blessings, yet He pours them out on us day after day. Consequently, if we proclaim to live a life of faith, why are we waiting for the answer before we move? Why are we waiting until we feel “safe” to do what God has asked us to do? The life of a Christian isn't safe. We aren't called into safe territory or to make safe decisions all the time. An active Christian takes risks, just as Jesus took risks in His ministry. What is faith if we already have the answer before we take the step?
     We feel the calling on our lives so strongly and clearly, that it's more of a risk to not follow God's lead. Will we have enough money to do what we've been called to do? Will we have enough money to survive? Well, God promises that He will provide for His followers. Will we have what we want? Maybe not, but it's not about us and our wants. Our lives are about God's glory and accomplishing His will for His kingdom. To that end, I would rather fall following what we feel so clearly than fall because we refused to follow His lead just because it's not the “safe” answer. One day we will get to meet Him face to face and we will be held accountable for the decisions we made on this earth, so I want them to be pleasing in His sight.
     During the reign of King Darius, Daniel refused to bow down and pray to his earthly king, even though Darius declared a decree stating that if anyone prayed to any god or anyone other than King Darius, he would be thrown into a den of lions. Daniel knew he could die if he followed what he felt like God leading Him to do, what he knew was right, but he did it anyway. He followed God's lead and God rescued him from the hungry lions.
     Will God save us? If we're asking that question, then our hearts are not in the right place. Following God's callings is not about whether we will be safe or not; it's about whether God's will is accomplished or not. It's about having faith in a God Who promises He will never leave us or forsake us. Even if He doesn't save us or do what we “want” Him to do, He is still God and His ways, thoughts, and plans are perfect for His glory.
     I am so excited to see what God has in store for us as we take this walk of faith, God's adventure. I titled this post “God's Adventure” because it is all about Him, not us; He is the center of it, not us. We will keep you posted on what God is doing in our new adventure!

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